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Sylhet Girls Photo

Sylhet has a history of conquests and heritage from different types of cultures. The city is described as a City of Saints, with the mausoleum of the great saint Hazrat Shah Jalal, who brought Islam to Bengal during the 14th century, being located here. During the next few centuries it was part of the state of Assam during the rule of British India.

Sylhet Beautiful Girls Photo

A contemporary hotel Situated near to the heart of the city, panoramic view from fifth and sixth floor, on the ground and first floor a shopping mall containing Tailors, Electronic and Variety of shops. On the second floor spacious restaurant, third, fourth and fifth living accommodations, there is a decorated lift with stoppage to every floor.

Sylhet Beautiful Girls Photo

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Sylhet Beautiful Girls Photo

Nestled in the picturesque Surma Valley amidst scenic tea plantations and lush green tropical forests, greater Sylhet is a prime attraction for all tourists visiting Bangladesh.Sylhet has gotten rich and developed due to remittances by the expatriates living in Britain.

Laying between the Khasia and the Jaintia hills on the north, and the Tripura hills on the south, Sylhet breaks the monotony of the flatness of this land by a multitude of terraced tea gardens, rolling countryside and the exotic flora and fauna.

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